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​Charcoal grilled chicken


​Our sale

​store information

Location 〒810-0002

2-18-1 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

telephone number


Business hours

17: 00 ~ 1:00 the next day

Regular holiday

Sunday (changed due to holidays)

Number of seats

6 seats at the counter

2 tables


All seats can be smoked

Parking Lot

Paid parking lot available nearby

credit card

Various correspondence

​​ Online reservation

Charcoal Yakitori "Ten Charcoal  " teeth,
It is a charcoal-grilled chicken shop in Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.

Made in Oita prefecture  [Toyo no Shamo]
Kumamoto Prefecture [Morning Bird]
We are using two types of
You can enjoy each taste.
All salt and condiments are homemade in our shop,
We offer one skewer and one plate.

In addition, we also provide fresh seasonal seafood and mountain food through our own transactions .
Latest information
大石 拓矢
Jittan storefront
​ Takuya Oishi
What is Yutaka's Shamo chicken?
It was born in Oita prefecture after repeated mating since 1985.
Raised for 150 to 180 days without stress,
Unlike other types of local chicken, it has less fat and is tighter.
It is a high-quality bird whose taste increases as you chew.
​Yutaka's Shamo chicken sashimi
豊の軍鶏 お刺身
​Yutaka's Shamo Chicken Tataki
豊の軍鶏 たたき
​Yutaka's Shamo Chicken (Kashiwa)
​Morning pull (thigh meat)
"Hakata specialty" sesame mackerel
* Other recommended skewers and single dishes are also available.
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This is Oishi, the manager.
Thank you for visiting our store from among the many stores.
Our shop carefully prepares each one every day,
We bake it with the finest Bincho charcoal.

Also sticking to the chickens we handle,
We purchase directly from the producer and handle it ourselves.

Please enjoy it when you visit us.
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