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2-26 Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 1F

    092 --732 --8510
business hours

18: 00 ~ 2:00 the next day
Regular holiday

Sunday (changed due to holidays)
Number of seats

6 seats at the counter
Parking Lot

Paid parking lot available nearby
credit card

Various correspondence


no smoking

Online reservation

"Tempura Kappo Roku" standing in the back alley of Nishinakasu, Fukuoka
Why don't you get lost in?
Fresh fish that has been carefully tailored.
Enjoy seasonal vegetables with tempura creative dishes.

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​Tempura Kappou





宮良 貴紀

Tempura Kappo Roku storefront

Takanori Miyara

Thank you for visiting us today.
This is Miyara from Tempura Kappo Roku.
At our shop, we offer seasonal fresh fish and vegetables to our customers with tempura and creative dishes.
Luxurious in an adult space with counter seats
Would you like to spend some time?


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