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​Staff introduction

Y's Style


Takuya Oishi

Supervision  and  Jittan storefront

Carefully prepare one by one every day,

We bake it with the finest Bincho charcoal.

We are particular about birds and purchase directly from producers,

I handle it myself.

Please relax when you come to the store.


Takanori Miyara

​Roku storefront

At our shop, we serve seasonal fresh fish and vegetables with tempura and creative dishes.

We will provide it to our customers.

In an adult space with only counter seats

Would you like to spend a luxurious time?



​Yuto Watanabe

Hidden General of the West

The world you can see because you don't grow up with just one sushi.

I'm not in front of Edomae or Hakata, so to speak

"Before me"

I think sushi is a popular food.

Cooking, squeezing, so that you can feel relieved from the bottom of your heart

We will try to make a store.


Keisuke Inoue

Ten o'clock house manager

In our shop

It is possible to wholesale fresh fish directly from the market,

Purchased by yourself in the morning, our own blood drainage, long-term aging!

To maximize the taste,

Please eat the ultimate delicious sashimi!


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